Banjo vs Fiddle – Which Is Better?

Which is better, the Banjo vs Fiddle? This age-old question has been debated for years, but no clear answer exists. Both instruments have their own unique sound and set of benefits, so it really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the bright, cheerful sound of a banjo, while others prefer the more mellow tone of a fiddle.

This blog post will help you decide which instrument is right for you. So give them both a try and see which one you like better.

What is Banjo?

Banjo vs Fiddle

A banjo is a stringed instrument. It consists of a circular body and usually has four or five strings. The banjo was originally created in Africa and gained popularity in America during the 1800s when slaves brought it with them to work on plantations. Black musicians would play the banjo using thimbles, which were pieces of metal placed on the fingers to alter their sound. Later, this style became known as “bluegrass” and was played with picks that also changed the sound of the instrument.

The banjo has a brighter tone than many other instruments, which makes it perfect for folk music styles like bluegrass and Celtic. While there are electric versions of the banjo, it is typically plucked with the fingers. For this reason, it is most commonly associated with folk music styles.

What is Fiddle?

Banjo vs Fiddle

A fiddle is also a stringed instrument that has four or more strings and originated in Europe. While fiddles have fewer strings than violins, they are similar in both sound and appearance. The word “fiddle” is actually an old-fashioned term for the violin, but fiddles are not always violins. While both are associated with classical music, fiddles tend to be more folk-oriented than their larger counterparts.

Like the banjo, fiddles have both electric and acoustic versions. Like a guitar, they can also be plucked with the fingers (using thimbles) or held between your chin and shoulder. The most noticeable difference between fiddles and violins is the shape of the scroll. While violins have an ornate “s” scroll, fiddles more closely resemble the shape of the letter “f.”

Banjo vs Fiddle: Differences

  • Difference of Appearance

Banjo is a four-stringed instrument, and Fiddle is a four-stringed instrument. The banjo design is typically more extensive than the fiddle’s, with deeper wooden bodies.

A banjo body has a circular shape that resembles a drum, while a fiddle tends to have more of an hourglass figure. Both instruments have metallic strings that create sound when plucked. This is the only similarity between these two string-plucking instruments.

  • Sound

Banjos are more often used in folk music and decent sound, while fiddle playing is usually found in classical-style compositions.

Banjos tend to have brighter sounds than fiddles, while fiddles are more mellow and subtle. Some people prefer banjo music over fiddles and vice versa, but there is no real “better” instrument, just different styles.

  • Playing Style

Banjo players typically play by plucking the strings with their fingers or a pick. It can also be strummed like an acoustic guitar to create music.

Fiddle players usually play by bowing the string with a bow of a fiddle, although some musicians will use their fingers to get different sounds. Bowing is more commonly used in classical-style music in fiddle tunes.

Banjo vs Fiddle: Similarities

Although they are very different string instruments, banjos and fiddles have some things in common as well. Both are typically played with the fingers, although picks can be used on both if desired. They are also both stringed instruments that produce sound when strings are plucked or bowed.

Banjo vs Fiddle: Which is Harder to Learn?

Banjo vs Fiddle

While both instruments are stringed instruments, the banjo has your fingers plucking four strings while you’re holding a resonating drum in your other hand. And a fiddle only has three strings that impact sound when bowing and no need for a resonating body part.

Banjo lessons are typically more complicated to learn than Fiddle lessons. Whether we have a beginner banjo player or a beginner fiddle player, the process of learning how to play both instruments will take dedication and lots of practice. For example, if you want to learn how to play a specific style of music, it might be better to start with the instrument that best fits that genre.


The banjo and the Fiddle are two different instruments that each have their own unique sound. Fiddling is usually considered more accessible than learning how to play the Banjo because you only need one hand for it, but if you want to learn both at the same time, then they will essentially take about equal amounts of work. Which one do you prefer?  I hope this article helped you to make an informed decision.

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