How Much Does a Banjo Cost

How Much Does a Banjo Cost? (Guide For Everyone)

Banjos come from different cultural backgrounds and have played various roles in different countries. Banjos were first brought to the United States by African slaves in the 18th century. At that time, banjos had a wooden body and a skinhead, which many modern-day banjos are still made. If you are wondering how much does a banjo cost then, this blog post is a detailed document of all the aspects responsible for the variation of Banjo’s cost.

Banjo Price

How Much Does a Banjo Cost

Banjo prices can significantly vary depending on their size and quality. For example, banjos should be bought from reputable dealers or popular brands that only provide the best quality instrument.

For a new banjo, the price range from a couple of hundred dollars to above a thousand dollars. An average price is around $500 for a decent quality banjo. Much respected online music shop also offers pre-owned instruments at reasonable prices. A used banjo will cost about half as much as a new one and can be found in pawn shops or on auction websites such as eBay.

Major categorization of Banjo’s cost are:

  • Bluegrass Banjo: $400 – $1,000+
  • Folk Music Banjo: $400 – $1,000+
  • Country Music Banjo: $200 – $1,000+
  • Claw hammer Banjo: $300 – $1,000+

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How Much You Can Spend on a Banjo?

Deciding, how much you can spend may appear difficult at first, but once you’ve realized your skill level for playing banjo and the type of Banjo you’ll need to learn, the style of music you really want to play, it’s actually quite simple.

A Beginner Banjo Player

If you’re a newbie who has never played or received training for any other instrument, a beginners’ kit, which you may find here, is a good place to start. Beginner player kits often include a strap, picks, an instructional booklet with some beginner music, a tuner, a bag or case, and, of course, a banjo.

While these kits can still be costly, they are considered to be an excellent deal due to the numerous extras included. Starting at roughly $300, you can purchase a reasonably priced, high-quality kit, and they often go on discount.

An Intermediate Banjo Player

Suppose you’ve been playing the Banjo for a few years and are seeking to buy your second or even third Banjo. In that case, you probably don’t need the tuner, picks, or guidebook that come with the beginner banjo kits, and you’re ready to upgrade to a higher-quality banjo

When shopping for a new banjo, pay close attention to the tuning pegs, the banjo neck, banjo sound, and the bridges. You’ll have a hard time keeping your Banjo in tune if you use low-quality tuning pegs. It won’t be easy to press down on the strings and create the necessary tones while striking the correct notes if your banjo neck is not as straight as an arrow. A misaligned banjo bridge can also cause the strings on the instrument to be out of tune.

A mid-level banjo can be purchased for a retail price of $400 to $1,000, depending on the brand, quality of the instrument, and country of manufacture.

A Professional Banjo Player

If you’re a professional banjo player with years of experience, you might be looking for a high-end banjo. Experienced players might even choose to have a customized banjo made for you to meet your exact requirements. Alternatively, you may take a completely another approach and purchase electric banjos to complete your banjo collection.

A premium banjo, whatever your taste, can cost several thousand dollars, making it slightly out of reach and unrealistic for a novice, but yet accessible to the hobbyist, collector, or professional banjoist. Experts estimate that a custom-built banjo will cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

Different Categories of Banjo with Cost

How Much Does a Banjo Cost

Banjos come in various sizes and shapes depending on the culture and country of origin. Banjo types can generally be classified into four categories: 4-string tenor banjo, 5-string open-back banjo, 5th string closed-back banjo, and Plectrum banjo.

The 4-String Tenor Banjo

It is tuned to an octave below the guitar. It has a long neck, and a round body with small metal or wooden disks called washers under each string at the bridge, which shows whether or not you hit each string correctly (and if it’s plucked, muted, etc.). The ukulele is sometimes referred to as a tenor banjo because it is tuned like one. The cost of a 4-string tenor banjo can range from $200 to $800, depending on where it is purchased and what type of materials it is made from.

The 5-String Open Back Banjo

It is played in much the same way as a guitar. It is tuned like a violin and has fret wires running across the neck between the 5th and 6th strings. The cost of an Open Back Banjo can vary greatly but typically ranges from $150 to $1500.

The 5-String Closed Back Banjo

It looks more like an acoustic guitar than any previous banjos, making it great for playing with other instruments such as guitars, basses, and pianos. FIve-string Banjos also needs less maintenance than open-back types because the closed-back design means fewer components are exposed to damage from your environment. The cost of a 5-stringed banjo can range from $200 to $1500.

Plectrum Banjos

It looks almost exactly like small guitars, but they have 4 or 6-string. This type tends to be great for beginner banjos because, in 4 or 6-string banjos, Strings are closer together, which makes it easier to play. An excellent mid-range banjo can be found for between $300 – $425.

Buying a Banjo Online

Banjos can be found very inexpensively online, so it’s possible to grab yourself a great bargain but be careful about who you’re buying from and where you’re sending your money. Make sure that you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer who only provides the highest quality products.

When purchasing new vs. used, there are different prices to consider, which will definitely factor into your decision-making process when shopping for a banjo online.

A new banjo will Extra cost more than a pre-owned one, but often than not, it comes with a warranty in case anything happens to it. A secondhand banjo does not come with any warranty, which means that you can’t return it or get your money back if there are problems with the instrument in the future. When buying a used banjo, its condition is another thing to keep in mind.

Why are Banjos so Expensive?

The banjo cost depends upon the following two factors.

why are banjos so expensive


People pay more for high-quality instruments because they last much longer than cheaper banjo quality models. Materials such as cuts of wood, steel, and brass are just some of the materials that make an instrument costly.

Banjos also require lots of workmanship and attention to detail to produce something that’s durable and easy to play with without any sharp edges or banjo sound holes in the wrong places. This takes lots of time, which further increases the price tag on these kinds of instruments.

A professional musician may choose to buy high-end models because they offer insulation from weather changes and a richer tone and are quality product. As per personal experience, Some may want a versatile instrument that they can take on tour with them or perhaps make a custom-perfect banjo for their collection of various musical instruments.

You can also learn the anatomy of Banjo.


The set price range of banjos sold nowadays starts at around $100 (starting from low-quality instruments) and goes up depending on features such as size, quality of strings, and materials used to make the neck and body). The most expensive models produced today can cost as much as $15,000.

Which Type Of Banjo Is the Most Expensive?

Off-Shoot Banjos:

Banjo Off-shoot models refer to any model other than a standard five-string, so open-back and fretless models will also fall under this category. The term “offshoot” is primarily used for folk music and jazz players who require a beautiful instrument that allows for a rich tone for an average banjo player but without sharp edges that would cut into their hands while playing fast lines.

Custom Banjos:

Custom banjo refers to any instrument made by hand from scratch with quality materials vs mass-produced models. These kinds of amazing instruments usually take months before they’re finished, and each one of the heavy banjo is unique.

Why do People Buy Expensive Banjos?

The top reason why most people choose to buy an expensive banjo is that they need something durable and easy to use that will last longer than inexpensive banjo models.

Parts such as wood, steel, and brass contribute to making high-quality instruments that cost more money, in the long run, meaning starter banjo musicians have to pay more initially but get a better deal overall.

Helpful Tips For Buying a New or Used Banjo:

  1. Pick one with a wide, adjustable neck to make it easy for you to play.
  2. Look out for any damage in the body and the head of the Banjo.
  3. Consider buying a second hand instrument if you’re looking for a cheaper one but know that you won’t have a warranty when something goes wrong with your purchase.
  4. Be wary of scams online by checking out banjo reviews about specific dealers and their products before committing to buy anything.


We hope this article has given you a better idea of what to look for when buying a banjo. Whether you’re looking for something new or used, we have provided some helpful guidelines and tips that will help guide your cost decision-making process. Remember these points before taking the plunge into purchasing a banjo for yourself.

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