how to start a ukulele group

How To Start A Ukulele Group: Strike Up The Band!

Ukulele groups are a great way to learn new songs and make some new friends. We’ll provide tips on how to start a ukulele group. Also, let’s discuss the importance of promoting your group, creating a positive environment, and providing valuable resources for members.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this blog post has everything you need to set up your ukulele group.

Starting A Ukulele Group

how to start a ukulele group

If you’re interested in creating a ukulele group, here are some considerations you should make.

1. Gather Interested Players

If you are looking to start a ukulele group, there are several things you can do to make it successful. First, find a leader, or you can be the leader if you’re experienced enough for it, who can start song sheets and guide the group.

Organize practice or jam times and venues. Next, reach out to potential performers. Offer introductory in-house or online ukulele lessons for interested ukulele players.

If the group enjoys playing together consistently, it can become a great community for experienced or amateur ukulele players. Finally, be patient; it may take some time for the group to grow and flourish.

2. Choose A Suitable Meeting Place

1. When starting a ukulele group, finding a suitable time and place for your meetings is important.

2. Meeting at a coffee shop or home often allows for more flexibility regarding location and schedule.

3. Consider meeting at a coffee shop or home, as these options offer privacy and comfortable seating.

3. Set Meeting Dates & Times

1. Establish a regular meeting time and choose a convenient venue for everyone.

2. Meet regularly to share songs, techniques, and advice.

5. Get together and play some fun tunes – the sky’s the limit!

Keeping meetings short and social is also important, rather than focusing on lessons or Technique classes. Instead, group members should socialize, share stories about their ukulele playing, and have fun together. This will help the group thrive and stay motivated over the long term.

4. Make A Selection Of Songs

To get the most out of a ukulele group, you must choose songs with short chord progressions that are easy to learn and remember. These can be found in 12-bar blues or doo-wop rhythms. You can also use songs with call-and-response parts to make learning easier for players.

Selecting songs without music stands, handouts, or songbooks will save time and ensure everyone stays engaged. It may also be beneficial to consider using a projection system instead of songbooks. This helps successful club members learn the songs more easily by projecting the song’s notes onto a wall or screen.

5. Invite Guest Artists

To start a ukulele group, it’s important to invite music teachers and other guests to sing along to create a unique atmosphere for ukulele playing. You can also leverage the expertise of a professional ukulele entertainer to help lead simple songs and teach players.

6. More Pointers

1. To make your group more engaging, appoint a musical leader to take the lead during practice sessions, organize jam times, and handle performance requests.

2. One or more leaders can lead a ukulele group, so choosing someone responsible and engaging with the other members is important.

3. Choose someone who can take the lead during practice sessions and organize jam times so that everyone can have fun and learn simultaneously.

7. Create A Club Website

Creating a ukulele club website is an important step. Find a member who can become the webmaster and locate a free website or pay if you can afford it. Make announcements and post pictures of events on the ukulele club website. Publish song lists while respecting music copyrights.

Additionally, advertise on local classified websites, Facebook groups, Freecycle groups, and other local groups. By staying up-to-date with the latest news and events in your ukulele group, you can build a ukulele community and promote the ukulele as a fun instrument for all ages and skill levels.

8. Promote The Group

1. Promote your ukulele group and build a loyal following.

2. Set up a meeting schedule and advertise to reach new members.

3. Require members to pay dues to cover the costs of promoting the group.

4. Ensure your group follows the rules and regulations, such as no talking during performances and no impromptu solos.

5. Get the most out of your group by promoting it online and in person.

9. Make A Plan For Rehearsals

To start a ukulele group, find or designate a leader to keep the group engaged and teach people of all levels. Gather a group of two or more people to start.

Acquire the necessary equipment, such as ukuleles, tuners, and song charts. Choose a time, place, and date for rehearsals. Decide on leadership roles to manage and organize rehearsals, performances, and refreshments.

Finally, establish a meeting time and place for the group’s rehearsals and performances. This will help ensure the group stays organized and structured while allowing members to practice their playing skills in a friendly environment.

10. Arrange Or Buy Necessities For The Group

If you want to start a ukulele group, you don’t need any special equipment or a lot of space to get started.

All you need is some willing participants and the essential supplies to get playing. You can arrange a meeting with others to get started or buy the necessary supplies online, saving time and money.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start practising your songs! Whether you want to improve your playing or jam together, a ukulele group is a great way to enjoy music together.

Don’t forget to check out a tutorial on how to play the ukulele.


A ukulele group allows you to play the ukulele in a fun, enjoyable setting. The song selection can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. With a group, you are not limited to the skills of one individual. You have access to the ukulele players’ talents and abilities. If you’re feeling motivated and would like to start your ukulele group, follow this handy guide and set yourself up for success!


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